Why do we have to pay more attention to Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property plays an important role in enhancing the economic development of a country. A wealth of a country depends on how the country protects her Intellectual Properties. Fantastic revenues are received by countries like Japan, United States, Germany because they pay big attention to their Intellectual Property.

Each right in the trademark field, patent field, copyright field could be maximised so that they will have the potential to  enhance the country‚Äôs economy.

Indonesia is a vast country with  population of  nearing 250 million  and also  with abundant of  natural resources.  Certainly  Indonesia has the potential of  attracting foreign investments.

With this in mind the Indonesian government has vigourously revised her Laws on Intellectual Properties in order to improve services and provide legal certainty to industry, trade, investment in facing national and international economic development.

Intellectual Properties are valuable assets, you can protect them by registrating them.